About Klippen

Klippen has worked with vulnerable people for more than 30 years!

Contact Center ‘Klippen’ is a social evangelistic work among the homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts in Copenhagen municipality (lead by Allan Frederiksen). Allan Frederiksen is working in the drop-in center (coffee house), as well as advising individuals on the street about treatment and following up those clients in rehabilitation centers. Allan has the overall responsibility for those who drop-in to Klippen’s coffee house, The Driving Team, the charity shop ‘Cirkelines Æske’ as well as any potential new projects.

The purpose of Klippen’s work is to help and motivate addicts to seek out treatment, so that they can have the opportunity to start a new life, and restore relationships with family and community.
Our target group is primarily younger homeless people, alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes. However, we also aim to reach older addicts with polysubstance abuse, and those struggling with mental illness/loneliness. We are open three evenings a week from 7pm to 9.30 pm.

We build relationships with the addicts we meet through conversations, and therefore create trust so that addicts gain a desire to receive the help we have to offer. In Klippen we serve sandwiches, coffee/tea and hot chocolate. When held in storage we distribute clothes, shoes and sleeping bags, and we try as much as possible to help in any area where help is needed. Many use Klippen as a safe haven where they can come and be with people who listen to them, and it is there where they share many of their concerns and problems and we share the word.

Klippen has over the years been in contact with many hundreds of users. In 2016 we have had contact with around 650 addicts and homeless people throughout Copenhagen. Our goal for 2017 is to further develop our work. We especially look to develop the ‘Driving Team’ in order to reach even more people, and encourage them to live a healthier and happier life. We expect this year to have contact with at least 750 users throughout Copenhagen. Our expectations in 2017 is to develop activities that enhance the user’s own resources, helping them to make good and healthy choices for the future.

‘Cirkelines Æske’ (Æske means box) is a charity store selling children’s clothes and toys for children from 0-14 years old. The vision of the Store is to help those in financially unstable situations, as well as helping people with a previous history of abuse back to normal lives with work and family. The vision is also to help trafficked women (or people with mental disorders) to a life with purpose.
Our goal is to have a ”client” working seven days a week along with the team of volunteers in the shop. The store’s profits goes to help homeless and addicts back on their feet (putting hope within reach). It is also our aim to provide support for persons seeking treatment.

The work of Klippen is based on the Christian view of humanity
A view we have defined like this:

“Man, whatever its situation is unique and should be valued as such.
Everyone should have the opportunities to develop the abilities and gifts that is given to them.”

Teen Challenge Denmark
Klippen is a part of Teen Challenge Denmark. It allows us to form relationship and follow an abuser from the street, to treatment and then reintegration. In this context, we work with Betesda Rehabilitation concerning treatment and re-entry. In addition, Klippen offers internships and job practice in our charity shop (Cirkelines Æske) on Nørrebro.

To be involved in Teen Challenge Denmark and the European Community, gives us at Klippen inspiration for future work, and the opportunity to network and support each other.
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